http://mikernaut.cghub.com/images (painted concepts)

- Accomplished in digital painting, concepts, textures and comic book art
- Fundamental
3D modeling skills
- Development of games for PC and XBox including 2003 game of the year Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic
- Works well within a team environment, especially hands-on with 3D modelers to create ingame characters
- Can work with vague guidelines and produce quality finished assets
- Worked directly with talented industry 3D modelers including Kolby Jukes, Jason Kane, Markus Peekna, Shaun Absher, and briefly with Alex Velazquez

- Adobe Photoshop and CS
- Basic modeling knowledge of 3D Studio Max and Lightwave. Some experience with Maya and Mudbox. Have used Zbrush for texture touchups and am currently practicing sculpting with it.
- Have worked with the DOOM3 engine and Unreal ED 3
- Alchemy
- Texture Maker


Artist, Raven Software 2005 - Aug 2009
- Singularity: Overhauled character and creature textures and created painted creature concepts.
- Wolverine (movie game): Created environmental textures for the Sentinel Labs while learning the Unreal Editor.
- Wolfenstein (XBox 360, PC): Lead character texture artist. Worked hands-on with the 3D modelers. Responsible for painting skins for the majority of the in-game characters and creatures, plus a few in-view guns and props. Contributed to character and creature concepts.

Artist, BioWare Corp. 2000 - 2004
- Jade Empire (XBox): Concepted, modeled and textured the Asian Pirates and Lotus Inquisitor head. Responsible for creating various NPC, PC and creature textures. Helped redesign Scholar Ling's costume.
- Neverwinter Nights: Hordes of the Underdark (PC): Worked hands-on with the art director to create character portraits and textures. Created a painting for "autorun install" load screen.
- Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (XBox, PC): Concepted and textured Walrusman. Created numerous NPC, PC and creature textures including the Krayt Dragon. Worked with fellow colleague to create 100+ weapons, items, clothes, armor and creature variations.
- Neverwinter Nights: Shadows of Undrentide (PC): Painted portraits for the prestige classes Arcane Archer and Assassin.
- Neverwinter Nights (PC): Created numerous character portraits, spell icons and a full page painted ad for Maxim magazine.

Freelance Artist 1996 - 1999
- Marvel Comics: Penciled and inked five illustrations for Overpower card game.
- Palladium Books: Completed two black and white Illustrations for Psyscape role playing book.
- Image Comics: Penciled two issues of The Badger comic book (some inking in issue #6).
- Wildstorm Productions: Penciled and inked three trading cards for Gen 13 and Ultimate Sports card sets.
- Assistant to Inker Mike Sellers during final year at The Joe Kubert School. Worked on such titles as The Punisher and Captain Marvel.

1993-1996 Joe Kubert School of Cartooning and Graphic Art - Diploma in Cartoon Graphics
1990-1992 Brown Institute - Associates Degree in Applied Science, major in Advertising Design

- Collecting and playing electric guitars, hockey, snowboarding, music, movies
- Favorite games: ICO, Mirror's Edge, Left4Dead's, Shadow of the Colossus, Alan Wake, Stalker, HL2, BF2, Return to Castle Wolfenstein, Silent Hills, Resident Evils, NFS Undergrounds